In the News

These are some articles that have featured my work, research, and/or outreach efforts.

Recap:Platform & Ambassadors Launch 🥳

From 2023-2024, I've been chosen to be an ambassador for,  a women in tech community. Here you can read more about the launch of their new platform!

Meet the students

A short video of my experience at the 2023 DataMinded Summer School. I had a blast!

FemmeForward at BeCode

Highlighing BeCode's collaboration with Femme Forward, an EU funded project aimed at empowering women with the skills and confidence to launch tech careers, or form new startups. 

STEAM at Work 4 Kids is a website for all kinds of kids to meet all kinds of people who work in all kinds of STEAM fields. Their goal is to inspire kids to dream big and see themselves working in science. I got interviewed by Sharon Sivinski about disease modeling.  

Last March, my undergraduate alma mater, the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedra featured my profile and highlighted some of my projects.

The Illinois Geometry Lab (IGL) in the Department of Mathematics partnered with University Laboratory High School (Uni High) to provide research projects for some of the school’s students. Students Aniket Gargya and Catherine Guo present their research on visualizing mathematics

This work was done in conjunction with both our advisors Dr. Zoi Rapti and Dr. Carla Cáceres. I was amazed that a biological assumption was overturned with new data! To explore the implications of this discovery, we used a differential equations model to study how the immune responses (clearance) and physiological barriers (resistance) impact the disease dynamics of our system. 

Back in 2017, in collaboration with the I-STEM initiative, I designed a one-day course to showcase to 30 Illinois high-school students the power of mathematics in modeling disease spread.