Science communication is the public communication of science and mathematics related topics to non-experts.

While this has become it's own field, I believe a necessary stepping stone towards making mathematics accessible to all!


1. AMS Communicating Mathematics in the Media: A Guide

2. MAA Audience Awareness

3. MAA Mathematical Communication

4. Steven Strogatz, "Writing about Math for the Perplexed and the Traumatized"

Follow math communicators on social media. Some examples on Twitter include: Tai-Danae Bradley (@math3ma), Dr. Eugenia Cheng (@DrEugeniaCheng), Steven Strogatz (@stevenstrogatz) and many more!

Mathematicians tour the mathematical blogosphere. Alongside Rachel Crowell, I am a co-editor of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) Blog on Math Blogs — those connected with media and independent — on topics related to mathematics research, applied mathematics, mathematicians, math in the news, mathematics education, math and the arts and more.

Book Recommendations

I love reading books about STEM (aimed at the general audience) and those addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion by diverse authors.

Below you will find some of my favorite books and a few that are in my tbr (to be read) list. If you have recommendations, let me know!


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To Be Read

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